The Wizard’s Spawn Series

Book 1: from Blood and Magic

Nails and Brayson are misfits by birth. Brayson—a Cross, son of a faerie and a human—should live in the comfort and safety of Crosstown, but the circumstances of his conception force him to flee. Nails—a creature created from magic and the blood of his mother’s, dead, KaAnian lover—is left with powers he does not understand and cannot control. Nails’ and Brayson’s friendship, and their need to belong somewhere other than on the outskirts of society, sends them on a quest to find a way to rid Nails of his magic. But, in a land full of slavery, pirates, faeries, wizards and thieves, every step contains danger and calamity until Nails must face the ultimate challenge; accept his magic or kill Brayson and all those he holds dear. 

First cover image used for, from Blood and Magic.

This is the first cover image created for, from Blood and Magic. It uses a painting by Laurie O’Reilly which now resides in the home of my niece and her husband, who modelled for it. This cover is still available on the print book from Amazon, but the eBook cover has been changed as shown below.

pirate ship cover