Mythic Forest, Communion

This piece is part of my mythic series. It speaks to the magic that we find in nature, the magic children still commune with and that animistic cultures are able to revere.

When the day to day reality that we are faced with seems beyond our control and is so separate from what we feel is right, we search for a portal to something more magical, more able to help us cope. Many children and cultures do this naturally.

The piece is done in encaustic on board augmented with biomatter. It went through a number of iterations before it finally felt right.

Mythic Forest, Communion


He sat there because it felt special, and he needed special.

The path that had brought him into the forest was not taking him out. He was more than lost, he was panic lost.

He had come to the woods to find his magic. He couldn’t find it at home; his mother was always interrupting him with chores and requests,

He couldn’t find it in the neighbourhood; the kids teased him, because of his cape, his staff, his earnestness.

He knew he could find it in the forest. The forest was full of magic. He could feel it. He stamped his staff 3 times, closed his eyes and began to commune.

Then he heard the gekkering. Opening his eyes he saw the fox and he smiled. His first heartfelt, genuine smile in a very long time.