The Warriors, Heroes,and Demons series

Note: Spoiler alert.

The three novels of the Warriors, Heroes, and Demons series.

My Father’s Swords is a story about Bray and Ran, two young men, just starting their lives, suddenly being thrown together by corrupted magic and a woman falling from the sky.

The two men and the woman (Mearisdeana) set out to find a wizard and end up leading the defense of the city of Waysley, against a pirate assault.

At the end of the novel, Ran sails away with a female captain of a trading ship while Bray does a turn-about and returns to the Tawshe village where he grew up. 

Travellers, picks up Bray’s and Ran’s stories after a few years have passed. Bray is now a Traveller. After an encounter with fairies and pirates Bray continues on his travels, taking a girlfriend—Adel—with him. They end up in Marshtown, where Bray is attacked by assassins sent by his uncle, the King of Nadia.

While recovering Bray is contacted by Andoo Toran, the Wizard of Waysley who carries a dire warning, the end of the world is coming in the form of a demon army. Bray must take his rightful place as the King of Nadia so that the North Lake cities, all related to Nadia in some way, will fight along with South Lake cities and everyone else against the Destroyer.

Mearisdeana and Nailmoe use magic crystals to return to the lake country. Her people have been battling the demon lord’s army because he wants his crystals back, and he wants the KaAnians destroyed. Their only hope is to escape through the void to the lake country. The necklace she gifted to Manda makes their return possible.

Meanwhile, Ran and Manda have separated. He was picked up by a Travellers’ wagon train and nursed back to health after having drunk himself to a point close to death that was being hurried along by a group of angry men kicking him repeatedly. Death seems to follow Ran wherever he goes and this time is not different. After losing another friend he decides to travel alone and to stay away from people, so he heads north for the top of the world.

As Ran travels north he encounters far darrigs, goblins and a nymph. Arriving at the top of the world he finds peace while living with gnomes and helping to carve a dragon until demons and dragons fall out of the sky.

Confluence of Swords is the third novel in the series. Bray is consolidating his position as king of Nadia while assembling an army to fight against the Destroyer’s forces.

Andoo Toran, Adel, Micka and Nailmoe must persuade the fey folk to join in the defence against the Destroyer at a meeting that has been called.

Ran and the gnomes head south because the Mother tells them to. Along the way they are joined by the nymph, Sinty, and the goblins Ran met on his way north. All are heading to the same meeting as Andoo Toran’s group.

The faeries finally agree to fight with the lake cities. Two dragons agree to help. Everyone comes together at The Point where the final battle is occurs.